Peter Lord: ‘How to Hear God’s Voice’

A talk that changed my life

peter_bioWhen I first heard Peter Lord speak, he was the pastor of Park Avenue Baptist Church in Titusville, Florida. But that’s not how I knew him. I knew him through his wildly popular The 2959 Plan, “A Guide to Communion With GOD.” And I knew him through some of my college friends who’d interned at his church and who’d been greatly influenced by his life and ministry.

I didn’t get to hear Peter speak in person this first time. But, as soon as I could, I got a tape. The talk was called “How to Hear God’s Voice.”

It changed my life. It probably changed many others (it may have changed yours). I wanted what Peter had and Peter’s teaching was so open and honest—and simple—I went away knowing I could hear God if I just let him teach me how to listen.

It was a well-placed confidence.

Later, Peter expanded the teaching into a full-length book, Hearing God. It’s a great book and I thoroughly recommend it. But…

I want to share this audio version with you because—more than any book can—it conveys Peter’s personality, passion, and character.

And what a character!

Peter isn’t of the slick school of preachers. He’s rough-edged, extremely honest, full of life and passion. Totally transparent.

And he’s spent his life learning to hear God fully.

Thank you, Peter, for giving this talk over 30 years ago, and for giving me your blessing to share it with my friends!

How to Hear God’s Voice, Part 1


How to Hear God’s Voice, Part 2




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