My Top 10 Most Popular Posts in 2012

Six of them were published prior to 2012 (one in 2009!). Three of them were published in just the last two months.

Half of them got the bulk of their visits from Google (including the one on depression). “1990” got most of its hits because people were looking for pictures from Wag the Dog. A great many of them stayed long enough to read, and hopefully were encouraged.

One of them isn’t even a post. It’s a page (my personal scripture review page). I’m guessing the readers came by way of referrals from their friends.

10. Servant Leadership

Learning to Walk (2004) by protofluxI am convinced that there is greatness in every individual who crosses my path. [April 15, 2011]

9. Letting God Peel the Onion

Onion, a photo by richard_north on Flickr.I used to feel like I was being tossed around by negative experiences. Always off balance. Never “getting it.” Until recently. Then I understood what a couple of old friends had been teaching us. [December 9, 2012]

8. Michael Hyatt: The Incarnational Principle of Leadership…

MichaelHyattJesus really did experience what we’re experiencing. We can look at his life and our life and see the differences—and the commonalities. And, with God’s help, we can make the adjustments. [November 15, 2010]

7. Doug Sherman: More Than Ordinary – Hungry for God?

DougShermanHungry for God? What does that feel like or look like? [May 20, 2011]

6. Everybody′s killin′ giants…

2345995950_d7a1429c92_zWhen David killed Goliath, pretty much everybody thought this was an amazing, rare thing. And indeed it was. It’s interesting, though, to see—as time passes and the years go by—giant-killing becoming pretty common. Almost a fad. Why is that? [October 5, 2009]

5. If you are fighting depression…

depressionDepression doesn’t have anything to do with what you’re feeling. It’s all about what you’re thinking. [April 7, 2012]

4. My Personal Scripture Memory Review…

Rooted in the Father

An ongoing snapshot of my daily scripture memory review content. I use it to keep my review organized. It changes, one pair of verses at a time, every week.

3. ‘Call to me and I will answer you…’

Bible ReaderWhat I remember most, emotionally, about those days was how lonely and frightened I was. [November 6, 2012]

2. 1990…

wagthedog_photos_2483When Carol and I heard the first “You think this is bad…”, we turned to each other knowing we’d found a new running gag. Because no matter what happened to us going forward, 1990 was worse. [August 14, 2010]

1. Peter Lord: “How to Hear God’s Voice”…

peterlord_1I didn’t get to hear Peter speak in person this first time. But, as soon as I could, I got a tape. The talk was called “How to Hear God’s Voice,” and it changed my life. [February 7, 2011]


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