wiring_05, a photo by m4rlonj on Flickr.

There’s something important I’ve learned about scripture memory that’s often overlooked. It’s really been driven home to me over the last two years especially:

It isn’t the quantity of scripture memory that rewires the brain. It’s the depth of thinking and feeling invested in the verses. It’s the application of the verses into the day-to-day and moment-to-moment of my life.

The first five verses I memorized as a new Christ-follower serve as the foundation of every verse I’ve learned since then. I have broken them down repeatedly into their component parts, searched the scriptures for insight and clarity into the meaning of their words and phrases. I have prayed them into my life and into the lives of my friends (and sometimes enemies). I have mentally hyperlinked them to additional verses I’ve learned and explored. I have held the teaching of preachers and artists up to their lights. I have judged my actions and attitudes by them.

And I have clung to them in the darkness.

I am in the midst of transitions more radical than any I’ve experienced in almost 40 years. These five verses and the ones that followed them over the decades are the roots of change that are now bearing fruit.


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