Don’t let distractions get you down

Sometimes it’s hard for me to concentrate.

Like right now.

I’m in the middle of reviewing my scripture memory verses.

And I’m distracted.

Wondering what this friend is doing or how that friend is reacting. Or a conversation I had yesterday or 15 years ago.

Sometimes there’s a pattern.

Like a few minutes ago I was reviewing 1 Thessalonians 5:17-18 and realized that every time I get to that verse I think of a particular person I haven’t seen in quite awhile. Don’t know why.

So I’ve reached out.

I’ve been feeling guilty because I’m not totally focused on the Father as I’m having my quiet time. I don’t always have that feeling of intimacy that I rely on to tell me everything’s okay.

I’m distracted. Thinking of this and that. Stopping to share my thoughts here on Facebook. Checking on the status of a friend. Remembering something from long ago.

Then I think about the distractions and the things that follow from them and I realize something:

God is in the distractions too.


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