Seeing the higher path

I had just said to Michelle, “It looks so lonely up there,” as we sat on the side of the path looking across a little valley up at the top of a very high hill (modest mountain?). All I could see were rocky places and pine trees clinging to steep sides.

She said, “Dad, look, there are people up there.”

Immediately, I could see people walking along what was obviously a path I couldn’t pick out before. There was even someone jogging along that unseen path.

If no one had been up there we would never have known there was a path. We would never have known there was a way to that path. And we wouldn’t have known we could keep on and eventually find it.

We’re going to go back when there’s more time in the day, and more energy, and keep on past our resting place. We’re confident we’ll be able to get up to that path and then look back across the small valley and see where we were sitting.

It was people who showed us the way when we were too tired to keep exploring.


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