Aren’t we called to dream big dreams?

Here’s where I see lots of people—including many leaders and mentors—getting on the off-ramp of life:

There’s this idea that, in order to be successful, we need to dream big dreams.

Do you realize that God never asks you to dream? He promises dreams. He imparts dreams. But he doesn’t ask you and me to conjure up dreams from our own imaginations.

After all, which do you want, his dream or your dream?

Which do you believe in? Which do you pursue?

And how do you tell the difference anyway?

There’s more. Here’s what I’m learning now that I’m reaching Senior status in this life:

I’m encouraged by dreams—the dreams that God gives me (as opposed to the dreams I conjure up myself)—but I don’t follow them. I follow Jesus and trust him with the dream.

I’d already planned on saying something about this here, and then this morning’s Twitter feed brought this from Pete Wilson:

Let Go of Your Dreams and Embrace the Promise

Good stuff…


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