Welcome to the “New” Ripe for Harvest!

A whole new look!

I’m so excited. After a lot of planning, researching, and playing around, here’s the new look.

I hope you like it…

Getting the best theme for me: Standard Theme

After researching and playing with a lot of themes, I discovered Standard Theme, with the support option. This is a theme designed by the amazing John Saddington (@tentblogger on Twitter). For a modest investment, I get to use the theme on any and all of my blogging projects, my own as well as clients’. I bought the support option because I’m a noob at this and need a lot of hand-holding. John’s crew, especially Michael Novotny (thank you Michael!) has been unbelievably patient and supportive. After I bought and downloaded the whole thing, I discovered they have a really easy affiliate program. See that graphic over to the left? (Yes, I know there’s one over on the right as well. Please stay focused.) If you click on it and then purchase Standard Theme, they will pay me a commission. Isn’t that cool? (Does this paragraph mean I don’t have to make the standard affiliate disclaimer?)

Where does a guy with no cash go to find a background picture that tells the story?

wheat is ready to harvest... by bernat...

wheat is ready to harvest..., a photo by bernat... on Flickr.

How about Flickr? Specifically Flickr Commons, where you can find thousands of pictures you can use for free (with varying and extremely important provisions). Some of them are good enough to buy (if you have the budget!).

Obviously, I was looking for something that visually tells the story of the harvest. In this case, wheat. After looking through hundreds of pictures of wheat fields and tractors, I came across this one. After testing it on my play site, I knew I had a winner.

So what do you think?



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