“Remind me of these days…”

Picture of a van barely able to scrape by a wall.
Photo by Arrizky Magetsari, from Flickr Creative Commons

Sometimes life takes the people in my world through very tight places. One of the things I almost always share with them is that it will not always be like this. I also tell them a truth hardly any of them ever believe: They will look back on this time as one where God was especially tender toward them, so they need to treasure the season and stockpile the memories of how God is taking care of them, even in their pain.

God reminded me of this a month ago, after a very difficult day. Here’s what I wrote in my journal.

From my journal, December 13, 2010…

Yesterday was rich with complexity. This morning, after a very illuminating time in Isaiah 30, and Psalm 150, I am less inclined to dwell in the negative of yesterday, or draw fear from it.

Lord, what a word for me you have in Isaiah 30. Thank you for drawing me to practice the ideas you gave me years ago about Scripture memory and meditation. They opened up this chapter to show me how important it is that I seek and follow your counsel instead of looking to human solutions.

I feel your presence this morning as I haven’t in a long time. What sweetness. Like Peter, I want it to go on awhile longer. I want to build a shelter here and bask.

You are great, Lord. You are so gracious to me. You have blessed me over and over. I am blessed this very minute to be in a house you led us to. Even in the searching, you guided us and we could feel your guidance. We were comforted knowing we could trust you and that you were empowering us to trust you.

I knew that these days of testing were going to be the sweetest days we’d had so far, and that is exactly what is happening right now.

In ourselves, we’re not worthy of these blessings. We’re not. Even when we’ve made the right choices, it’s because you guided us. You made it obvious. You closed doors.

I am so grateful. Please Lord… don’t ever let me sink into bitterness and frustration again. When things are hard and I forget, remind me of these days.


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