Forming a World View: A Few Questions…

He wrote. I reacted. He responded. What do you think?

This is where I begin:

Foundational Questions

In terms of good and evil, what is the nature of this world? Is it basically good, with occasional outbreaks of evil, or is it at root evil, with good waging war against it—sometimes winning, sometimes not?

What is the nature of man? Good? or evil? When a baby is born, is he/she good, being taught over time to do evil things? Or is a baby born evil, sometimes being taught good over time?

Or is the answer to both these questions “Somewhere in-between”?

A Philosophical Question

Out of those foundational questions a philosophy will form. And another question:

Is a Utopian future possible in this world?

A (2-Part) Practical Question

If a Utopian future—in this world—is possible, what is the best approach to achieving it? If not, what do we do instead?

An Operational Question

Where do we go to get the answers to these questions?


3 thoughts on “Forming a World View: A Few Questions…

    • Clearly, this passage refers first to the person being slapped.

      Not as clearly: Does it also apply to your wife or children being slapped?

      Also: Does it apply to someone trying to murder you–or your wife or your children?

      In other words, were I to fly out to California and stalk your family, at what point–if any–would you intervene? At the sidewalk? At the front door or window? At a bedside?

      • As I do not believe in preemptive killing, it is a difficult question to answer. None the less, your example is not parallel and does not really address what Jesus was saying. Jesus was in fact murdered. He offered no resistance.

        To the specific example of nuclear weapons, the doctrine of MAD is, in my view, morally bankrupt. The murder of innocents cannot be condoned. Ever.

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