Bob & Gail Meade…

Bob on missionMy good friends and mentors, Bob and Gail Meade, have started a blog. This is an exciting event on a number of levels.

First is that Bob is a fantastic teacher who has explored the application of God’s Word to a number of topics with big-time relevance to people’s everyday lives. In addition to being one of our Elders, Bob was a long-time member of the adult ed/discipleship team I led at The Church in Cityview. I always claim I discovered Bob, and he (usually) lets me. Truth is, God has gifted both Bob and Gail tremendously, and that’s the second thing that excites me now.

The Meades are sensing God’s call to full-time missions, and that is a very big deal. With their experience in counseling, prayer, teaching, etc., I think this is huge.

I will never forget the night (the middle of the night, people) when I called the Meades to ask them if Carol and I could come over and get some prayer before we went to the ER to get Carol treatment for what turned out to be a gallbladder attack. There was no hesitation on their part.

Or the time I totalled the minivan on the way to work and they took Carol to meet me at the ER, then drove to the auto pound to retrieve our stuff from the wreck. And, this being a Friday and me being rather beat up, Bob taught my class for me on Sunday.

Or the time Gail caught me before worship and quietly, gently told me that working seven days a week was cheating God and hurting me and my family. I, being sometimes slow on the uptake, told her I would pray about it. Which I did, thus hearing God—in unmistakable tones—telling me always to listen to Gail Meade!

These are remarkable people whose friendship we treasure.

Their blog is called meade international and through it you can keep up with what God’s doing with the Meades. And—you can contribute financially as God empowers you.

I hope, as time allows, Bob and Gail will be able to call on their years of study and presentation for blog content, and you’ll all get to experience the practical wisdom Carol and I have benefited from the past two decades. (And, if I may be candid here, I will be able to link to some very good posts for my own use here.) My personal favorite Meade courses were on parenting, marriage, and communication. You can probably tell from that list that I needed a lot of help with parenting, marriage, and communication. And you would be right. I think I took the parenting course four times and the communication course three times. And I learned new stuff every time. As a matter of fact, I still have the notebooks and I still reference them.

These are great people who have helped to shape my life. Take advantage of them!


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