A Life Worth Emulating…

Warren Myers spent most of his adult life in Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore) leading men and women to Christ and helping them grow. This morning I was looking for something he wrote and ran across this tribute, which included an interview with him just days before he died in 2001. I liked what people who knew him said about him. In my mind, he lived a life worth emulating. Reading this tribute is moving me right now to make the most of however many days I have left on this earth.

Here’s an excerpt:

Jerry White, international president of The Navigators, spoke with Warren just a few days before Warren went to be with the Lord. As this interview reflects, he persevered and proved faithful to the end.

JERRY: Warren, as you think back on the many years of ministry and the foundation of the Navigator ministries and our thinking about really reproducing in the lives of people, what are your thoughts? Has it worked?

WARREN: Very much so, it’s worked. Well, I think that in The Navigators and outside The Navigators everybody has their own particular gifts and calling. With those gifts and callings, they use them in different ways. Some people have a very high gift of evangelism and are also able to help people individually and in small groups. Others are very highly gifted in working with individuals and small groups but just don’t have the touch to help people one to one. I’ve been a believer for 55 years, and the verse that has been the most significant for my calling is an obscure, little verse in I Samuel 10:26. It says, “Saul returned to his home in Gibeah [after he was made king], and there went with him valiant men whose hearts God had touched.” That, I think, is my calling more than anything else. It’s to find valiant men who have a heart for Jesus that’s number one. And they have the ability and the heart to teach others.

JERRY: As you look back on the years in terms of the basics, what is it that has kept you going?

WARREN: Well, I think it is God’s sovereign grace… I keep in touch with about 110 people by mail, e-mail, phone, etc. I just see God not only giving me men and women who have worked with me, but new men and women. Some of them I met when they were 14 and 17. Some were 22 and others 26. They just have a touch for Jesus and a heart for Jesus. It gets me excited about working with them and helping them keep going.

JERRY: Is there anything you would like to share with individuals?

WARREN: Well, of course, one of the great old-time verses is, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and don’t lean on your own understanding.” It doesn’t say don’t use it; it just says don’t lean on it. “In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path.” Or I like to paraphrase Psalm 37:5, “Commit your life and your plans to the Lord. Trust Him: There’s the big bottom line. Trust Him, and He’ll work it out.”

Read the whole thing. It will really bless you.


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