Justin and Trisha Davis: Incremental Change vs. Transformational Change

Just read a powerful post on a blog I hadn’t run across before.

Got the link from my Twitter feed.

The blog is by Justin and Trisha Davis, a couple who got married in 1995, only to see their marriage and ministry disintegrate. Their blog is a result of the restoration God performed in their lives:

We have made a lot of mistakes…but God has redeemed us and recreated our marriage in a way that blows our minds every day. We hope our story and our web site is an inspiration to you as you read our posts. We are not counselors, but we have a vision and a passion. That passion is to help the church become the hope of the world by helping people, no matter where they are in their relationship with God, find hope, healing and a fresh start.

Anyway, the post I got from Twitter is about change and confronts us with the challenge of whether we’re going to receive God’s best (transformational change) or typical half-measures (incremental change).

It’s pretty radical stuff:

There is another option. God offers transformational change. Transformational change is about surrender and vulnerability and transparency, humility and dependency. Transformational change at its core longs to destroy you and if you are willing to pay the price, it will totally destroy every part of you. Transformational change is messy and bloody and it hurts deep and it will cost you everything. It is pulling all of your junk out and laying it on the table for all to see and not caring what they think about you. Transformational change is committed to not just dealing with the symptoms of your issues, but peeling back painful layer after painful layer of your past, your dysfunction, your sin until the core problem is exposed. Transformational change is recognizing that on your best day you are a failure and a sinner and your only hope is grace. Transformational change is knowing you can never try hard enough to overcome your desire to drink, cuss, lust, eat, lie, cheat. What you can do is surrender to the God of resurrection power. Allow Him to not only destroy you, but bring you back to life.

I wouldn’t read it if I were you.

Unless you’re ready for radical change. Because that’s what transformation is.

Think about it:

Are you tired enough of the status quo to go under the knife and let God do what needs to be done?


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